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Jan 6 video wide spread in Japan

I put Japanese subtitle to this video.

Almost all the Japanese media are ignoring the release of Jan 6 inside the Capital tootage.

Tucker: This video tells a different story of Jan 6

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The experimental drug harm Japan way more than Tsunami in 2011

Narimitsu Fujie is one of the few who has been warning Japanese of Vax crisis.

He created the graph which shows the number of death each year since 2010 in Japan.

Even in March 2011 when tsunami hit it looks small number compared to vax death…

Japanese politician talks about vax death

Hirofumi Yanagase, a member of the House of Councillors talks about vax death in Congress.

Short Short News:
Japanese lawmaker Mr. Hirofumi, Yanagase speaks out:
"Just in the reported cases alone, there have been as many as 2001 cases of suspected vaccine-induced deaths. There are 52 cases where a pathologist has performed an autopsy and reported that there is a link between the vaccine and the death. Yet, only one case has been found to have a causal relationship between the vaccine and death."

As for other 2000 cases, the evaluation committee, made up of a group of amateur academics paid by the government declared that they could not evaluate causality due to the lack of information.


Food distribution

This is how foods are distributed to each cell.

My resume by Sankei News

Sankei, Japanese conservative newspaper, published very nice article about me.

To those who don't know me, this is my resume😊

JAPAN TARGETED by globalists for depopulation: Investigative journalist Masako Ganaha interviewed by Mike Adams

It was an honor to talk with #MikeAdams about Japan!

"Ohanabatake"お花畑= flower heaven is the state of mind many Japanese have.

JAPAN TARGETED by globalists for depopulation: Investigative journalist Masako Ganaha interviewed by Mike Adams

I tried to share the interview link above but twitter didn't allow it saying:

“You can’t complete this action because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful. Please visit our Help Center to learn more.”

Which meant Brighteon TV is fighting hard!!

post photo preview
Japanese push back against US Ambassador LGBT ideology attack

Many Japanese are concerned about US Ambassador interference of Domestic affairs pushing anti-LGBT legislation to Japan.

After my interview on Fox many Japanese people gave me "than you messages" for addressing our concern.

We love America but not the Occupied Government of the United States.

Here is the interview:

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